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Integrative Wellness Helps Women Achieve Optimal Health

Northwestern Memorial Hospital September 20, 2011

Northwestern Medicine Integrative Medicine Hosts Educational Event to Empower Women

CHICAGO, IL – Complementary medicine approaches such as acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga and meditation can offer a host of potential health benefits including stress relief and pain management. To provide women with an opportunity to learn more and understand how to incorporate integrative wellness into their lives, Northwestern Medicine Integrative Medicine is hosting an educational event on Saturday, October 1, at 9 am at Northwestern Medicine Prentice Women’s Hospital.

Integrative Wellness for Women will offer a full-day of workshops and programs designed to renew women’s spirits and encourage lifestyle-changing wellness habits. Participants will hear from experts on holistic approaches to health and the latest developments in the field of integrative medicine.

“It is important for people to feel empowered to make healthy choices in their lives and this is a great opportunity for women to learn how to do so,” said Melinda Ring, MD event chair and medical director of Northwestern Medicine Integrative Medicine at Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group.

Ring, who is also an assistant professor of clinical medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine will speak at the event in addition to John Stracks, MD, family medicine physician and clinical assistant professor of Clinical Family and Community Medicine at the Feinberg School, and Catherine Cheng, MD, internal medicine physician and instructor of Clinical Medicine at the Feinberg School.

Following a morning meditation and an introduction to integrative medicine, attendees will choose from a variety of workshops concentrated on a topics including: Chinese Medicine and Women’s Health, massage techniques, posture and strength, Nia, and mindful meditation for stress reduction. A healthy lunch will be provided as Jim Karas, weight loss and fitness professional delivers the keynote address.

The event is $35 and open to the public. Check-in and exhibit visits begin at 8 am. 

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