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Northwestern Nurse Named Magnet Nurse of the Year

Northwestern Memorial Hospital November 17, 2011

Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s Cora Palmer receives one of nursing’s top awards

CHICAGO, IL – Cora Palmer, RN-BC, BSN has been involved with nursing for most of her life. She discovered her passion for the field when working as a volunteer candy striper in high school and since becoming a nurse, has paved the way for many in the nursing profession through her leadership and experience. Palmer was recently recognized with the National Nurse Magnet of the Year Award by the American Nurses Credentialing Center for her outstanding contribution in Transformational Leadership, one of the most prestigious national awards a nurse can receive.

“I’m appreciative and honored to have received this award,” said Palmer, who has worked at Northwestern Memorial Hospital for 12 years. “I want to influence nursing and encourage my peers to do more and to do it better.”

The award is presented annually to a nurse who creates a vision for the future and the system and environment necessary to achieve that vision. According to Jill Rogers, RN, PhD, NEA-BC, director, Professional Practice and Development at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Palmer is a true example of what this achievement is all about.

“Cora is a natural leader and this award is great recognition for her strong influence, knowledge and clinical expertise in professional nursing practice,” said Rogers, who has been a key mentor and resource for Palmer over the past three years. “The wonderful passion that Cora brings is contagious.”

Palmer focuses on pain management in the hospital’s medical-surgical unit and serves as a mentor to both new and experienced staff. Palmer is also a leader in the greater nursing community. In 2008, she launched a local chapter of the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSM) and has continued to lead that organization by partnering with nursing leaders at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and the AMSN national office to recruit members and create structures and processes for meetings.

“It’s been a team effort,” said Palmer. “I’ve made it my mission to get nurses from around Chicago to help make medical-surgical nursing better in our community.”

Under Palmer’s leadership, the Chicago area AMSM chapter has garnered national awards and recognition. The work she has done was highlighted in Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s Magnet redesignation document in 2010. The hospital achieved that designation and continues to hold Magnet status for nursing excellence.

“This success demonstrates Cora’s extraordinary skills in creating a vision for the future, engaging others and taking effective actions to make it a reality,” added Michelle A. Janney, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, senior vice president and Wood-Prince Family Chief Nurse Executive. “She continues to make an ongoing contribution to advancing nursing excellence both here at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and in Chicago. We are so proud of her.”

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