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Cold Weather Advisory: Important Updates for Patients

Northwestern Memorial Hospital January 27, 2014

CHICAGO, IL – Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Northwestern Medicine physician offices and outpatient centers are open and operating normally. If you wish to reschedule an appointment because of the extreme weather conditions, please call your physician's office or 312.926.0780. No cancellation fees will be charged for rescheduled appointments. Since we are experiencing a high volume of calls, you may experience extended wait times. We appreciate your patience. 

Please be safe and take precautions in the extreme cold temperatures. The following are tips from Northwestern Medicine experts for avoiding weather-related injuries and health conditions:
  • When temperatures drop, beware of frostbite
  • Stay Safe as Temperatures Plummet
  • Be Aware of Heart Disease Risk Factors Before Shoveling Snow
  • Tips on Avoiding Winter Injuries
  • Protect Your Back from Snow Shoveling
In the current temperatures, even just a few minutes of exposure can put you at risk for frost bite. View a complete list of Chicago’s warming centers for more information.

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