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Fifth Annual Transformation Through Rhythm Concert to Benefit Hospice

Northwestern Medicine Hospice DeKalb March 16, 2016


DEKALB, IL – The community is invited to the fifth annual benefit concert, Transformation Through Rhythm, on Sunday, April 10, at 2 pm in the DeKalb High School Auditorium. The concert will feature the DeKalb High School Percussion Ensemble,* the Northern Illinois University Percussion Ensemble, and the Harambee African Percussion Ensemble.* Admission is free; donations are appreciated.

The annual Transformation Through Rhythm concert is a wonderful opportunity to bring diverse performers and audience members together to celebrate community, service, and music. The free concert offers an opportunity to support both the Music Therapy program at KishHealth System Hospice, which is largely supported through grants and donations, and its sister hospice, Knysna-Sedgefield Hospice* in Knysna, South Africa. Proceeds from last year’s concert helped bring food relief to needy hospice patients and their families in Knysna who live in harsh conditions and extreme poverty and where the economic climate is making it increasingly difficult to secure food donations.

In the spring of 2004, KishHealth System Hospice joined the Twinning Initiative of the Foundation for Hospices in Sub-Saharan Africa (FHSSA). The idea of twinning originated after World War I and increased substantially after World War II with the need for countries to work toward peace and reconciliation. In the hospice context, it was established in an effort to foster mutually beneficial relationships by promoting idea-sharing, educational opportunities, and professional exchanges between Sub-Saharan African hospices and hospices abroad. Hospice programs in the U.S. are encouraged to raise funds to assist their partners financially. Help is particularly important with the continued HIV/AIDS epidemic that kills more than 6,300 people daily in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Sponsors of this event are KishHealth System, part of Northwestern Medicine; Northern Illinois University, DeKalb High School, the Harambee Ensemble, and radio sponsor, WNIJ/WNIU. For more information about Transformation Through Rhythm, call KishHealth System Hospice at 815.756.3000.

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