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Pediatric - radiation dose for head scans

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Given that doses of radiation used for Computed Tomography (CT) are far higher than conventional radiographs (x-rays), it is important for hospitals to monitor the dosage exposure for their patients. This is especially true for pediatric patients given their smaller size and lower body weights. Modeling suggests that cancer cases in children could be reduced by over 40 percent if radiation doses in the top quartile were reduced to the average dose.

About this measure

This measure asks hospitals to report on their radiation doses for head scans in pediatric patients. Hospitals receive points based on their reported dose compared to benchmarks. To fully meet standards, hospitals must receive at least 75 percent of total possible points.

Scores are reported as:

1 = Willing to Report
2 = Some Progress
3 = Substantial Progress
4 = Fully Meets the Standard

Note: In this measure, a higher number is better.