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Pregnancy Care Obstetrics

Pregnancy Care, also known as Obstetrics is medical care for pregnant women and their unborn children that includes the time from conception through delivery. Obstetricians (also known as OB doctors) also care for new mothers during the post-partum period and follow up with them to make sure they’re doing well after the birth of their babies. The obstetric measures we report include the percentage of Cesarean deliveries, the percentage of vaginal deliveries, and injuries to the mother during delivery.

We strive to provide high quality healthcare to all of our patients. In an effort to reach our goal of Exceptional Care, we collect data about our patients, their treatments and their outcomes. This data helps us to understand what we’re doing that is working and where we might need to improve our practices for the best possible patient outcomes.

The obstetrics quality measures are grouped under the following categories.