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NASCAR Street Race Will Impact Travel to Some Northwestern Medicine Locations in Chicago

Streets around Grant Park in Chicago will be closed for several weeks this summer. This could impact your travel to Northwestern Memorial Hospital and some Northwestern Medicine outpatient centers. Street closures will begin on June 10 and may last through July 14. Plan extra time for travel.

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Follow-up colonoscopy for patients with a history of polyps

If precancerous polyps are identified, a follow-up (repeat) colonoscopy should be performed. Your doctor will tell you when you need another colonoscopy, usually in three-five years. Except in specific cases, a repeat colonoscopy in less than 3 years is not appropriate.

About this measure

For patients who returned for a follow-up (repeat) colonoscopy after colon polyp removal, this measure shows the percentage of patients who received a follow-up (repeat) colonoscopy at least three years following their previous colonoscopy.

For this measure, a higher number is better.