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Date Updated:
Tue Jul 09 2019

642, Illinois Department of Public Health,

RN nursing hours per patient day (Mother-Baby)

At Northwestern Medicine, the nurse workforce includes registered nurses (RN) and patient care technicians (PCT). Together they provide direct patient care. The number of nursing staff can have a positive impact on patient safety and quality of care. Improved patient outcomes have been linked to higher levels of nurse (RN and PCT) staff.

The number of nursing staff caring for patients is determined by the number of patients in the hospital and the nursing care requirements of the patients. Nursing hours per patient day is the total number of nursing staff providing patient care compared to the number of patients. 

While there are no Illinois or national requirements for specific staffing levels, many hospitals measure “nursing hours per patient day” as a way to monitor and improve quality of care and service.

About This Measure

This measure tracks the total number of direct nursing hours (RN only) in the mother-baby units compared to the number of patients in the mother-baby units. A higher number may indicate that a hospital provides a higher level of patient care.

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