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Date Updated:
Tue Mar 10 2020

442, Vizient,

Elective delivery

Elective delivery refers to childbirth deliveries that are induced or done via Cesarean section before the mother goes into labor spontaneously.

Studies have shown that elective delivery involves increased risk to both mother and baby. Because of that, we encourage obstetricians to avoid elective delivery prior to 39 weeks gestation.

About this measure

This measure is based on a random sample of mothers who delivered babies at the hospital. Not all mothers with newborns were tracked for this measure. Of the sampled group of patients, this is the percentage of mothers with elective vaginal deliveries or elective cesarean sections between 37 and 39 weeks of gestation. In this case a lower percentage is better and may indicate that the hospital provides a higher level of patient care.

Not all comparison data is available for this measure. When data that compares our hospital to other hospitals becomes available, we will publish it.

The source of data is Vizient. The source of benchmark data is The Joint Commission.

For this measure, a lower number is better.