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Date Updated:
Thu Dec 12 2019

139, Leapfrog Group,

High-risk deliveries

The descriptions for this measure come from source:

"When infants are born weighing less than 1500 grams (3 pounds, 4.91 ounces), they must be cared for in a NICU with proven capacity to care for them. Research suggests that these very-vulnerable babies are more likely to survive and thrive if they are born in a hospital that has an experienced NICU available on-site. In cases of potentially high-risk deliveries, mothers should choose a hospital that has a NICU with proven capacity."

"Referring patients to hospitals with lower mortality and better processes of care requires sharing evidence on specific procedures. The Leapfrog Group includes evidence-based hospital referral (EBHR) in its survey as a means of ensuring that patients with high-risk conditions are treated at hospitals with characteristics shown to be associated with better outcomes. EBHR could help prevent unnecessary deaths."

About this measure

To fully meet Leapfrog's standard, a hospital must deliver at least 50 very-low birth weight babies per year and ensure that at least 90 percent of mothers receive antenatal steroids prior to delivery OR the hospital must maintain a lower-than-average morbidity/mortality rate for very-low birth weight babies and ensure that at least 90 percent of mothers receive antenatal steroids prior to delivery.

Scores are reported as:

1 = Willing to Report
2 = Some Progress
3 = Substantial Progress
4 = Fully Meets Standards

Note: In this case, a higher number is better.