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Brain CT scan with sinus CT scan

CT (computerized tomography) scans are a type of imaging similar to x-rays. They take a series of pictures of the inside of the body. A CT scan of the brain is helpful for doctors to evaluate what might be causing severe headaches or other problems. A CT scan of the sinuses can determine if a patient has a sinus infection. If only the brain or only the sinus CT scan is needed for diagnosis, only one test should be performed. This will minimize radiation exposure to the patient.

About This Measure

This measure shows the percentage of patients who had a CT of the brain and a CT of the sinuses at the same testing session. This measure includes only Medicare patients and patients who had the tests as an outpatient at Northwestern Medicine. Patients were not included in this measure if the doctor determined both tests were needed due to trauma, cancer or severe infection. A higher percentage may mean that the hospital is giving people more tests than they need.

In this case, a lower number is better.