Specialists and Care Centers

Specialists and Care Centers

The Northwestern Medicine Functional Bowel Disease Program is one of the few programs in the country with an active collaboration between behavioral medicine and gastroenterology. We stress the importance of treating both the physiological and psychological aspects of these disorders, focusing on patient-centered care and using cognitive behavioral techniques to improve symptoms.

Our goal is to provide multidisciplinary interventions that incorporate the most leading-edge diagnostics. The Functional Bowel Disease Program is supported by the most sophisticated and comprehensive motility lab in the Chicago area.

Our therapeutics range from traditional medicines to highly evidence-based complementary and alternative treatment strategies. Your Functional Bowel Disease Program team1 collaborating to effectively treat these disorders, includes:

  • Gastroenterologists
  • Behavioral psychologists
  • Nutritionists
  • Physical therapists
  • Dietitian

Under the direction of advanced practice GI dietitian, we provide state-of-the art nutrition counseling for a range of digestive diseases. Not only are we up-to-date on the latest GI-friendly diets, we have the necessary training and skills to optimize eating behaviors that can minimize your symptoms.

Our staff is on the leading edge of treatment innovation for functional bowel disorders. Our team has been integral in establishing and substantiating the effectiveness of multiple therapies, ranging from the use of probiotics and cognitive behavioral therapy for treating IBS to peripheral µ-opioid receptor antagonists for opiate-induced constipation and hyaluronic acid/dextronomer bead (Solesta®) gel injections for fecal incontinence.

The Northwestern Medicine Digestive Health Center has moved to new, state-of-the-art location on the Northwestern Memorial Hospital downtown medical campus:

Northwestern Medicine Digestive Health Center
Lavin Family Pavilion
259 East Erie, Floor 16
Chicago, IL 60611

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