Drug and Alcohol Screening

Drug and Alcohol Screening

Drug and Alcohol Screening

An effective drug and alcohol screening program is essential for workplace safety, employee retention and customer satisfaction. Our specialists are experienced and well versed in DOT and non-DOT collection, testing and administration to help your business stay in compliance and maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

Northwestern Medicine can help you develop an employee and occupational health programs that includes comprehensive services, such as:

  • Drug screening:
    • Specimen collection—collection alone or in conjunction with other services
    • Rapid non-DOT testing
    • 10–panel
    • Lab analysis and confirmation testing
    • Medical Review Officer (MRO) for results and medical indications
    • Confidential results and reports
    • Secured record
  • DOT Five Panel / Non-DOT Five Panel:
    • Tests for five controlled substances: amphetamines, cocaine, opiates, phencyclidine (PCP) and marijuana
    • Hair test (5–panel)
    • Instant screen (5–panel): Instant, verified results
    • Result confirmation by a Medical Review Officer (MRO)
    • Same tests available for employers not regulated by state or federal laws
  • Alcohol testing:
    • Breath alcohol testing for DOT and non-DOT businesses
    • Testing performed by certified breath alcohol technicians 24/7
    • Instant, verified results

In today’s competitive business environment, employee productivity is a top concern. As your occupational health partner, Northwestern Medicine Travel Medicine and Corporate Health Streeterville has the experience and business know-how to help you keep your workplace safer and more health-oriented, and your staff as productive as possible. To request services, please complete the Treatment Authorization Form.

Choose Northwestern Medicine Travel Medicine and Corporate Health Streeterville for:

  • More than 25 years of occupational health experience
  • Flexibility to custom-design a program for your company’s needs
  • A full menu of employee health services, from post-offer physicals and wellness programs to injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Compliance with all DOT and other regulatory requirements
  • Services to help you control and reduce workers’ compensation and business costs
  • Five convenient clinics and 10 locations for comprehensive after-hours care

Drug and alcohol screenings can be performed at the time of a physical examination or conducted as stand-alone screenings. Northwestern Medicine Occupational Health provides post-offer, random, reasonable suspicion or post-accident/injury screening in addition to standard drug and alcohol screenings. Additional services include:

Random screenings:

  • Third-party administration (TPA)
  • For DOT and non-DOT businesses
  • Administration of your random drug and alcohol screening program

Random DOT Drug and Alcohol Consortium:

If you own or manage a smaller DOT-mandated company, you can take advantage of a consortium that facilitates cost-saving and collaborative management of DOT random drug and alcohol testing. The consortium allows smaller companies to pool their drivers and leaves program management to Northwestern Medicine, which provides:

  • Selections
  • Screening
  • MRO services
  • Reporting
  • Results retention
  • Management of all requirements needed to pass a DOT audit
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