The Women's HIV Program provides integrated care that includes maternal-fetal medicine (obstetrics), infectious disease medicine, health psychology, nursing, pharmacy, and social work. Providers partner with patients to optimize outcomes for women living with HIV during pregnancy and beyond. The Women's HIV Program focuses on six primary outcomes:

Prevention of Maternal to Child Transmission

The clinic has delivered hundreds of babies since it began in 1991. During the early years, transmission rates were around 25 percent. With the advent of anti-retroviral medications and a focus on empowering women, transmission from mother to baby is now a rare event and our team works alongside our patients to make elimination of transmission a reality.

Family Planning

All women are counseled on postpartum contraception in order to help families time their family-building and plan future pregnancies.

Assisting Serodifferent Couples

Serodifferent couples are where only one partner is living with HIV. The program provides counseling in safe conception options to meet their family building desires.

Engagement in Long-term HIV Care

Women are connected to long-term infectious disease care after pregnancy in order to optimize their health. Our team helps patients navigate this next step to ensure successful linkage; 100 percent of women exit the Women's HIV Program with linkage to long-term HIV care.

Empowerment and Education

Extensive perinatal education empowers women to care for their health and family's health during pregnancy and beyond. Our peer education ("buddy") program provides critical resources that can help engage women.

Training the Next Generation

Our clinic integrates students, residents and fellows from the fields of Infectious Disease, OBGYN, Pharmacy, Psychology and Social Work. We are fortunate to share the lessons our patients teach us about perseverance and dignity as they challenge us to explore health belief models that might differ from our own and to become more culturally competent providers of care.

Advancing Knowledge/Research Studies

Patients and providers actively participate in local and national studies that advance knowledge and improve our ability to provide high quality care to women and children with HIV.