Golf Performance Academy

Golf Performance Academy

Golf Performance Academy

Are there areas in your golf game that limit your success on the course? As a golfer, it is easy to neglect the most important part of the sport—your own body. Physical limitations in a golfer’s body can adversely affect the golf swing and lead to injury.

At Northwestern Medicine, our desire is to keep you healthy and out on the course. Our Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)—certified professionals can help identify physical limitations through a golf-specific functional screening.

With the help of K-Vest 3-D and Dartfish Motion Analysis software—technology designed for biomechanical analysis—we can isolate and identify physical limitations that may be causing inefficiencies in your swing and help you master simple solutions to get power back in your golf game.

TPI-certified movement evaluation: To achieve a safe and efficient swing, a golfer must first be screened. This screening includes an assessment of swing mechanics and biomechanics, movement quality, physical fitness and client history.

The screening is designed to identify areas of dysfunction in the body-swing connection that can ultimately lead to injury. The TPI-certified professional will then provide you with the results of the screening and a home program to begin correcting your movement dysfunction. This session takes approximately 60 minutes and includes an evaluation, home exercise program and consultation.

Biomechanical golf evaluation: Understand how your movement patterns directly affect your swing by having a TPI-certified professional perform a movement screening and a Dartfish Swing Recording.

Our professional may utilize K-Vest 3-D technology as needed in conjunction with Dartfish Motion Analysis to break down your body-swing connection. With the results of the screening, 2-D swing capture and 3-D movement analysis, the TPI-certified professional will create an individualized home program to maximize your performance. The session takes 90 to 120 minutes.

Golf functional movement assessment – K-Motion Screen: If injury or pain is hindering your performance on the course, you can’t afford to ignore it. Our TPI-certified professionals are trained to navigate the complexity of golf-specific injuries using a detailed screening process.

The screening will be able to pinpoint the exact cause of your musculoskeletal dysfunction and identify injury-inducing swing mechanics contributing to your pain. After the screening process, the TPI-certified professional will be able to provide solutions, through golf-specific rehabilitation, to help get you healthy and back on the course.

This session will be approximately 90 minutes and includes a selective functional movement assessment, Dartfish Video Analysis and a home exercise program.

Golf fitness training: Spanning from the average golfer to the competitive golfer, this program caters to those who desire increased strength, speed, mobility and stability in their game.

You will be screened by a TPI-certified professional using K-Vest 3-D and Dartfish Motion Analysis, and then prescribed an individualized golf-specific strength and mobility program. Exercises are aimed at getting you fit to play the game at your highest level, without causing injury.

One-on-one training is provided with the TPI-certified professional to maximize your results. Sessions are approximately 60 minutes.

Golf fitness – team training: Team training allows five or more athletes to train together under the supervision of Sports Medicine staff. Each session is one hour, held twice a week for four weeks. A minimum of five athletes per class is needed, as well as a prior TPI-certified movement evaluation performed on each athlete. Golfers are encouraged to train two sessions per week for a minimum of four weeks.

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