Al Winick - Percutaneous Coronary Intervention and Cardiac Rehabilitation

Patient Al Winick with wife"I could hear them saying, 'I cannot feel his pulse' but I could not respond."

This was the predicament that Al Winick found himself in after collapsing on a commercial flight from Israel to the United States. "The last thing I remember was standing up in the aisle of the plane," recalls Mr. Winick. Luckily for Mr. Winick there were not only medical supplies on the plane but five physicians. Unable to stabilize Mr. Winick, the plane made an emergency landing in Frankfurt, Germany where, in May of 2008, Mr. Winick underwent a percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI or angioplasty) to place a stent in his narrowed right coronary artery.

When Mr. Winick arrived back in Chicago, he walked over to Northwestern Medicine Hospital, without an appointment, and said, "I would like to see a cardiologist." Forty-five minutes later, Mr. Winick's new cardiologist was James D. Flaherty, MD. "I cannot say enough about Northwestern Medicine and the Department of Cardiology. Dr. Flaherty and his fellows are wonderful. They went out of their way to make me comfortable and to ensure that I received appropriate treatment."

Unfortunately, a few days after meeting with Dr. Flaherty, Mr. Winick experienced the same symptoms he had on the plane. After calling 911, Mr. Winick was taken by ambulance to Northwestern Medicine where he once again underwent a PCI to place two additional stents.

By June of 2008, Mr. Winick had recovered enough to start cardiac rehabilitation at Northwestern Medicine. "I loved it from day one," states Mr. Winick. "They gave me detailed guidance and showed me how to build up my stamina. Everyone there is very encouraging, supportive and kind. The nurses are great."