Dancer's Maintenance Program

Dancer's Maintenance Program

Dancer's Maintenance Program

Northwestern Medicine offers the same rehabilitative services that you can receive from employed therapists at professional dance companies to dancers of all ages, abilities and all styles. This physical therapy program aims to keep you dancing.

Our physical therapist, a former professional dancer, will assess the root cause of your dance-related pain and coordinate your care with your physician. Our goals are to assess and treat dance-related injuries and their causes to help you distinguish between injuries and the "normal pain" of being a dancer.

Typical areas of pain for dancers include the foot and ankle, hip and knee, back and neck, shoulder, hand and elbow. Symptoms can include:

  • Pain and muscle soreness
  • Limping or compensation
  • Swelling
  • Persistent pain in the same area

The primary causes of pain in dancers are:

  • Specific event injuries
  • Overuse injuries or pain
  • Biomechanical alignment issues
  • Strength issues
  • Flexibility problems

If you experiences these symptoms, we will perform an accurate assessment to develop a properly tailored treatment plan.


Our services include:

  • Cross-training techniques that support the dancer's body
  • Managing the "normal pain" of being a dancer
  • Managing injuries if they occur
  • Techniques to keep your body healthy so you can enjoy dance for years to come

Dancers of all ages and dance styles are welcome to make an appointment for a screening or, if you prefer, receive a full injury evaluation with your physician's referral.

The Dancer's Maintenance program is part of the Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital Sports Medicine Clinic, held in the Lake Forest Health & Fitness Center, 1200 N. Westmoreland Road, suite 200, in Lake Forest.

Schedule your appointment by calling 847.535.8000.