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Rehabilitation Services

Northwestern Medicine offers advanced, effective and personalized physical, occupational and speech therapy for patients of all ages at convenient rehabilitation locations throughout the Chicagoland area.

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy Services

  • For more information on Northwestern Medicine’s inpatient rehabilitation programs, please call 630.909.8920 (Wheaton) or 815.206.3426 (Woodstock).
  • For more information or to schedule an appointment for outpatient rehabilitation services, please call 630.933.1500. Virtual and in-person appointments are available.

Northwestern Medicine offers adult inpatient, pediatric inpatient, and adult and pediatric outpatient rehabilitation at over 40 facilities throughout the Chicago area. We have licensed and experienced therapists trained in treating newborns, teens and adults with different conditions. These range from common to complex illnesses and injuries.

Our goal is to help you return to your maximum function so you can take part in daily living and leisure activities. This can improve your quality of life.

When you choose Northwestern Medicine for your rehabilitation needs, you will receive one-on-one therapy. It starts with a thorough evaluation. Your therapist will work with you to create a treatment plan tailored to your needs and goals.

Multidisciplinary Team Approach

Northwestern Medicine provides access to advanced, collaborative care. Depending on your diagnosis and needs, your team may include:

  • Licensed therapists who provide physical, occupational and speech therapy.
  • Athletic training services for performance enhancement. Plus, a full return to sport evaluation and treatment including Dartfish® motion analysis.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy aims to optimize your physical abilities, reduce the effects of your disease or injury, and prevent further disability. You will learn how to manage your condition, reduce pain and restore mobility. This can maximize your level of function and independence. Treatment may include:

  • Therapeutic exercises to improve endurance and overall muscle strength
  • Hands-on techniques to re-educate muscles, restore alignment and enhance movement
  • Treatments and exercises to improve balance and coordination
  • Specialized techniques to help reduce pain

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists help you do daily activities, such as cooking, eating, bathing and dressing. They also address issues related to vision and cognition. To help achieve your maximum level of independence, your occupational therapist may design a therapy program to:

  • Improve physical endurance and strength
  • Increase your ability to do activities of daily living
  • Help compensate for vision and memory loss
  • Assess the need for specialized equipment, bracing or splinting to improve function

Speech Therapy

Your speech language pathologist specializes in the evaluation and treatment of communication, cognitive and swallowing disorders. They work with you to improve:

  • Language disorders, such as trouble understanding or sharing thoughts. These may be the result of a stroke, brain injury or neurological impairment.
  • Speech, including sequencing sounds into syllables or words and strengthening weak vocal cord. This can cause slow, uncoordinated speech patterns.
  • Voice misuses, such as pitch, loudness and vocal quality. This may be a result of a stroke, brain injury or other neurological event.
  • Swallowing disorders, including feeding disorders.
  • Cognitive and communication disorders, such as problems organizing thoughts, paying attention, remembering and problem-solving.

Conditions We Treat

Pediatric Conditions We Treat

Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

Speech Therapy

Areas of Care

Acute Adult Inpatient Rehabilitation

Acute adult inpatient rehabilitation at Northwestern Medicine Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital combines intensive therapy with compassionate care from expert physicians and nurses to help patients regain independence and live their life to the fullest.

Acute Pediatric Inpatient Rehabilitation

Acute pediatric inpatient rehabilitation at Northwestern Medicine Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital combines intensive therapy and compassionate care from expert physicians and nurses in a positive environment to help children gain independence and flourish.

Heart and Vascular Rehabilitation

Northwestern Medicine offers specialized physical and occupational therapy after your heart or vascular surgery.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists help patients with complex medical or cognitive conditions become as independent as possible with everyday activities.

Pediatric Therapy

Our pediatric therapists collaborate with your pediatrician to ensure your child gets the best possible diagnostic evaluation and treatment services.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists assess your condition and develop a treatment plan to help you reach your personal goals for movement and recovery.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

The pulmonary rehabilitation specialists can assess your physical condition and personalize a program to increase your strength and endurance, while helping you live a more active lifestyle.

Speech Therapy

We offer a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic services for speech, language, swallowing, voice and fluency disorders in children and adults.

Sports Rehabilitation

Treatment options for a wide variety of sports- and activity-related conditions following an injury or surgery.

Northwestern Medicine Homeward Healing Swing Bed Program

Northwestern Medicine Homeward Healing Swing Bed Program for post-acute rehabilitation is available at Valley West Hospital.

Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital Specialty Programs

Northwestern Medicine Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital offers specialty programs that can help address your rehabilitative needs.


Locations & Contact Information

    Telehealth Rehabilitation Services

    We offer a program that can give you early access to physical therapy evaluation and care through telehealth appointments. You may be eligible for this program if you have:

    • Back, knee or hip pain
    • Tight or weak muscles
    • Joint aches and pain
    NORTHWESTERN MEDICINE: Where Better Begins
    NORTHWESTERN MEDICINE: Where Better Begins

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