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What Injury Means for Your Fantasy Football Team

Exploring Common Football Injuries

Filling out a fantasy football lineup is hard enough. Finding the right combination of players is about skill as much as it is about luck. Factor in injuries and the task can take you right to kick off on Sunday.

Knee, ankle, hamstring, shoulder and head injuries are the most common, and the severity can range from strains and sprains to major tears and traumatic brain injury, with recovery time and the impact on fantasy stats varying accordingly. Moreover, the injuries that impact professional football players can occur with everyday life and athleticism too. The facts and stats about common injuries can not only help you set your fantasy roster, but also underscore the importance of seeing a sports medicine physician if you're injured yourself.

“After a sports injury, it is important for any athlete to see a sports medicine specialist to obtain an accurate diagnosis and to receive thorough rehabilitation for the fastest recovery possible and the most productive return to play,” says Lenard W. LaBelle, MD, orthopaedic surgeon, specializing in knee and shoulder surgery and sports medicine with Northwestern Medicine Regional Medical Group Orthopaedics.

Explore what the most common football injuries mean in the infographic below.

Fantasy Football Infographic

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