Relationship-Based Care (LFH)

Relationship-based Care serves as the model that frames the practice environment and drives all nursing professional activities at Lake Forest Hospital.  This includes clinical practice at the bedside, professional development, ongoing evaluation of clinical practices and clinical processes, as well as goal-setting for the Department of Nursing. The Relationship-based Care Model values:   

  • Involvement of patients and their families in planning care
  • Strong nurse/patient relationships
  • Clinical competence
  • Interdisciplinary communication

Within the framework of Relationship-based Care, the registered nurse (RN) has the responsibility, accountability and authority to practice as an RN in the State of Illinois.  He or she serves as the primary caregiver for developing and managing the patient’s plan of care, determining how much of the work requires the direct care of the RN and identifying which tasks can be safely and appropriately delegated to others on the patient care team. Patient assignments are based on continuity of relationships, complexity of care required and the skills and knowledge of the primary RN. The Nursing Manager creates an environment supportive of professional nursing practice where RNs are both autonomous decision makers and creative problem solvers, and where decentralized decision-making is paramount.