Nursing at Lake Forest Hospital

Every day at Lake Forest Hospital, we provide more than our patients expect from a community hospital. For many, it’s an exceptional physician who ends years of pain and illness. For other, it’s the rapid response and personal attention of extraordinary nurses and staff.

Whether it's with innovative technology or compassionate care, we help our patients remain productive, enrich their family lives and return to doing the things they love. And our nurses are at the forefront of this excellent care.

Lake Forest Hospital is an exciting, energetic and innovative organization. Our Department of Nursing is committed to using evidence-based standards of care throughout the organization, creating a work environment that enhances professional practice and providing opportunities so nursing staff and leaders may optimize their career growth.

This is a dynamic time for nursing at Lake Forest Hospital as we grow in numbers, knowledge and opportunities. Whether you are an experienced nurse or a new graduate, we invite you to be part of our organization.

Learn more about Nursing at Lake Forest Hospital by exploring our different models of Patient Care Services: