Patient Billing and Customer Service Overview

Clear and accurate billing is a priority at Lake Forest Hospital. We understand that healthcare bills can be confusing. We’ve assembled some helpful information about bills you may receive from Lake Forest Hospital, any of its affiliated locations, or its physicians.

If you were treated at the hospital, you will receive a hospital bill that covers items such as room charges, medications, operating room fees or lab tests (if applicable), medical supplies and equipment. If you made a visit to the Emergency Department in Lake Forest, or the Emergency Center in Grayslake, you will incur charges for these services.

If you were treated in one of our affiliated locations, such as Gurnee, Vernon Hills or Lindenhurst, you may receive bills for lab tests and procedures, supplies, equipment or clinical and other staff fees.

Wherever you are treated, you may also receive a separate bill from physicians who were involved in your care.

Not all bills will come from Lake Forest Hospital. Some bills will be mailed to you from doctors' offices and billing services. Read these bills carefully to find the phone number to call if you have a question about charges.

About Insurance

If you have questions about your insurance, please contact your health insurer for information. If your employer provides insurance, your human resources or benefits office may provide assistance.

If your insurance plan requires it, you may need to pay a co-payment at the time of services.

Estimated Hospital Charges

Consistent with our Patients First mission, financial counselors are available to assist patients who have questions about the charges for services or procedures they may receive at Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital. Estimates are based on hospital charges for anticipated routine care and recovery. Estimated charges for the services or procedures to be performed will be based on data obtained from the most recent year.

To obtain information regarding the estimated charges of services or procedures, please call:

Patient Financial Services
Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

An estimate regarding the charges for services or procedures will normally be provided within two business days.
Actual charges on the final hospital bill may vary from the estimate, based on the patient’s medical condition, unknown circumstances or complications, final diagnosis, and additional recommended treatment ordered by the physician(s). As a result, the final bill may be greater than or less than the estimate provided. Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital makes no guarantees regarding the accuracy of the pricing estimate.

Estimates provided by the Hospital cover hospital charges only, and do not include professional fees for services such as those provided by a physician, surgeon, radiologist, pathologist, anesthesiologist, nurse practitioner or other independent practitioner. All professional fees are billed separately.


If you do not have insurance, you are responsible for paying your medical bills. We request payment when services are provided. If you need assistance paying your bill or need to set up a payment plan, please read about our Healthcare Financial Assistance and Hospital Uninsured Discount Assistance Programs.


If you have insurance from Medicaid, Lake Forest Hospital will send a bill to the Medicaid office. You will receive a bill for any copay(s) and non-covered services.

Medicare If you have Medicare insurance, Lake Forest Hospital will send a bill to Medicare. You will receive a bill for any deductibles, co-insurance, and non-covered services.

Still have questions?

Read all bills carefully to find the phone number to call for assistance. Or call your employer's human resources or benefits office for explanations.

Lake Forest Hospital accepts cash, personal checks, online bank payments, Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express.

If you have questions about your Lake Forest Hospital bill, please call 847.535.6100.

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