Patients Come First In All We Do

Whether we’re involved directly in patient care or not, every employee of Northwestern Memorial Hospital knows that he or she can impact the quality of the patient experience and the level of excellence we collectively achieve. This knowledge, expressed in our shared commitment to a single, patient-focused mission, unites us.

Our Mission

Northwestern Memorial Hospital is an academic medical center where the patient comes first. We are an organization of caregivers who aspire to consistently high standards of quality, cost-effectiveness and patient satisfaction. We seek to improve the health of the communities we serve by delivering a broad range of services with sensitivity to the individual needs of our patients and their families. We are bonded in an essential academic and service relationship with the Feinberg School of Medicine of Northwestern University. The quality of our services is enhanced through their integration with education and research in an environment that encourages excellence of practice, critical inquiry and learning.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the hospital of choice in our region, recognized as having the most satisfied patients, the best possible clinical quality and outcomes, and the best physicians and employees. An important part of our vision is to be, with the Feinberg School of Medicine of Northwestern University, a nationally acclaimed academic medical center. 

A strong and shared sense of what is important.

We are a diverse group of people from different backgrounds, joined together by a shared set of values. At Northwestern Memorial Hospital, our values give us clarity, guiding every decision we make as an institution and as individuals, from the most far-reaching long-term strategy to the smallest daily task.

Our Core Values

All members of the Northwestern Memorial family believe in and practice these core values:

Patients First

We put the patient first in all we do. No matter where in the hospital we work, we remember always that caring for the individual patient and his or her family is at the heart of our mission and our philosophy.


We adhere to an uncompromising code of ethics that emphasizes complete honesty, transparency and sincerity. Through our words and actions, we earn the complete trust of our patients and their families, our community and our coworkers. We seek to do the right thing, always and everywhere, in our day-to-day work and lives.


We continuously strive for excellence. We never stop learning and working to improve our skills, programs and services.  


We can only achieve our mission and goals by working together. Through the collective and coordinated efforts of our staff, we apply our diverse talents, backgrounds, ideas and experiences to create solutions and benefit patients. We value team success over individual success.

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