Patient Rooms at Northwestern Memorial Hospital

All of our patient rooms are private; designed for comfort and comprehensive care. Room features include:


  • Window views to allow sunlight in and low enough for patients to see out while lying in bed.
  • Window seats that convert to a twin bed for family members to stay overnight
  • Separate lighting to allow staff members to work in the rooms without disturbing patients by turning on an overhead light
  • A television positioned for optimal visibility


  • Safety lighting along the floor of each patient room as well as the halls
  • Private climate control
  • Sinks in each patient room for immediate hand washing
  • Shower seats in each bathroom


Bathroom doors are wider than normal for wheelchairs, walkers and nurse assistance. The spacious rooms allow a 360 degree turn in a wheelchair or walker possible.


Marker boards

Marker Boards are in each room for patients/families to leave information/questions for rounding physicians and their caregivers. A bulletin board type strip is found on the wall to hang cards.

Pillow Speaker Nurse Call

You can talk to your nurses directly by speaking into the pillow speaker at your bedside. (Please note: the pillow speaker is only available at Prentice Women’s Hospital)


On this phone you are able to make:

  • Calls within the hospital
  • Local calls
  • Long distance calls (for a fee)

Language and Communication Assistance

If you are hearing impaired, Patient Representatives can help provide you with a telecommunications device for the deaf (TTD). Patient Representatives also can help with interpreters and special two-way language line telephones if you need language assistance to communicate effectively with your caregiver. Dial 6-3112 for assistance from your room. To reach Patient Representatives when dialing from outside of the hospital, please call 312-926-3112.

Cell Phones

Cell phones can be used in inpatient rooms, waiting rooms and in public spaces. Cell phones are not allowed in some patient care areas where diagnostic procedures or treatment takes place.

WiFi/Electronic Devices


High-speed wireless Internet access is available in all areas of Prentice Women's Hospital.

Electronic Devices

Most personal, battery-operated electronic devices such as radios, CD, tape and digital music players are permitted in your room. If these items require charging, please keep the charger away from your bed so that it does not interfere with the operation of any medical equipment. Other electronics including hair dryers and electric razors are allowed, but larger plug-in items such as small television sets, electric fans or personal refrigerators are not permitted. Please ask your nurse if you have questions.

Video Games

While it is generally fine to use laptop computers in your room, the use of computer video games and components may be restricted and evaluated on an individual basis.

Quiet Hours

During "Quiet Hours," from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., lights will be dimmed in the hallways outside of patient rooms as part of our effort to create a calm, healing environment. Patients and visitors can help by:

  • Keeping voices low
  • Limiting entry and exit from the unit
  • Having your cell phone on vibrate
  • Holding conversations in the patient room or visiting area

Patient Rooms at Prentice Women's Hospital

Each hospital room has a private restroom that includes a sink, toilet and accessible shower area.