Labor and Delivery Process

After checking-in with security on the first floor of Prentice Women's Hospital, you will be directed to the labor evaluation unit where the delivery process begins. The following information will explain what to expect:

Vaginal Childbirth

  • A nurse will gather basic information, start a labor status evaluation and contact the appropriate obstetrician/nurse midwife.
  • Once true labor begins, mothers are transferred to the labor and delivery room. If not in true labor, the mother will be sent home with instructions about when to return.
  • Once in the labor and delivery room, a fetal monitor is connected to check the baby's condition, and possibly start an IV.
  • The obstetrician/nurse-midwife will make labor checks to stay on top of the labor progress and explain the progress. As a safety precaution, an anesthesiologist will visit every patient.
  • Mirrors and lights are available to help mothers see the birth of their baby.
  • Mothers stay in the labor and delivery room for one to two hours after giving birth. Unless there are medical complications, babies may stay with their mothers from the moment of birth. A nurse is present to monitor both mother and child.
  • Once stable, mother and baby are transferred to the postpartum floor.


  • Mothers should arrive at the hospital 30 minutes before scheduled induction time.
  • Once checked-in with security, mothers are directed to the labor and delivery unit to meet a nurse to review the induction process, fit the fetal monitor, start an IV and administer the labor starting medication.
  • Once labor begins, the childbirth process begins.

Cesarean Section

  • Mothers should arrive at the hospital two hours before scheduled surgery time.
  • Once checked-in with security, mothers are directed to surgery floor where a nurse will begin surgery preparations.
  • An anesthesiologist will discuss anesthesia options. A spinal or epidural anesthesia will be given, allowing mothers to be alert and awake but numb from the waist down.
  • Partners may be present during surgery, which takes approximately one hour.
  • Once surgery is complete, mother, baby and partner will be taken to the recovery room and will stay until the anesthesia has cleared, usually after a few hours. Once cleared, mother and child will be taken to the post partum floor.

For the Baby

In the delivery room, your baby will have the following:

  • Erythromycin ointment for the eyes
  • Vitamin K Injection