Screening and Immunizations

While in the hospital, your baby will have the following:


  • Newborn Metabolic Screening The state of Illinois requires that all newborn babies be tested for certain rare diseases. These are all inherited diseases, and some can cause brain damage if not treated in the first few weeks of life. A pamphlet from the State will be given to you during your stay that will explain in detail the broad classes of metabolic diseases covered in the testing.
  • Newborn Hearing Screening
    Effective January 1, 2003, the State requires that a hearing screening test be performed on all newborns prior to discharge. You will receive a pamphlet distributed by the State that explains this procedure. Results are sent to the State as well as your pediatrician.


  • For Baby: Hepatitis B immunization series, recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • For You: The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has recommended that pregnant women who have not been vaccinated with tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis, receive Tdap vaccination in the immediate postpartum period and before discharge from the hospital, if more than two years have elapsed since the most recent administration of Td vaccine. If you have not received the Td vaccine within the past 2 years, you will be asked if you'd like to receive it prior to discharge.