Overview of PGY 1 Residency Program

Northwestern Medicine/Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Postgraduate Year One (PGY1) Pharmacy Residency Program


Northwestern Memorial Hospital

251 East Huron, Suite LC 700

Chicago, Illinois 60611


ASHP Program Code: 41150

National Matching Service Code:

156013 (Traditional PGY1 Program)

156021 (Non-Traditional PGY1 Program)



Accreditation Status:

ASHP accredited

Director of Pharmacy:

Despina Kotis, PharmD, FASHP

Program Director:

Noelle Chapman, PharmD, BCPS, FASHP


Residency Program:



12 month PGY-1 Pharmacy Practice Residency

Number of Positions:

10 (Traditional) and 2 (Non-Traditional)

Application Deadline:

January 7

Starting Date:


Estimated Stipend:


Interview Required:



Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NMH) is a large academic medical center with 897 beds, located in downtown Chicago, Illinois. The pharmacy department at NMH has a long history of training pharmacy residents since 1978. Currently, our department has 10 PGY1 residents, 4 non-traditional PGY1 residents, 6 PGY2 residents and 2 infectious diseases fellows.


The pharmacy practice model of NMH is a patient-centered, team-based, integrated approach to care. At Northwestern, every pharmacist has both clinical and operational responsibilities. Clinical pharmacists rotate through day shifts, evening shifts, and weekends to provide high level patient care continuously. We have approximately 210 FTEs, more than 50% of the pharmacists are board certified and greater than 70% have completed residency or fellowship training.


Our pharmacists are divided into 8 clinical service teams: internal medicine (including anticoagulation and psychiatry), critical care, infectious diseases, cardiology, solid organ transplant, hematology/oncology, emergency medicine, and women's health/neonatal care. We also have pharmacists specializing in drug information, nutrition support, investigational drug service, and informatics.


The Northwestern Memorial Hospital PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Residency is ASHP-accredited, and offers ten traditional PGY1 practice resident spots every year. NMH also offers a non-traditional PGY1 pharmacy practice residency program, to be completed over the span of two years. Please see the Non-Traditional PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Residency section for more information.


Pharmacy practice residency graduates will:

  • Learn to be a confident practitioner with the expertise, professional judgment and values of an experienced clinician
  • Develop problem-solving abilities in a wide variety of practice areas
  • Exert a unique professional influence to obtain higher level goals in the patient's best interest
  • Understand the importance of evidence-based medicine
  • Learn how to critique and apply available literature and design and execute studies to solve relevant pharmacy-related issues
  • Be dedicated to personal education and to the education of others to improve the safety of medication use
  • Serve as a leader in developing pharmacy practice
  • Serve as a preceptor to both IPPE and APPE pharmacy students



NMH offers two spots for the non-traditional PGY1 pharmacy practice residency per year. This non-traditional residency participate in ASHP Residency Match.


Program Overview:

Non-traditional residents will complete 12 rotations throughout the span of two years. During non-rotation months, non-traditional residents will be staffing overnight shifts from 10PM to 8AM with schedule of 7 days on and 7 days off. Two residents will rotate with each other from overnights to rotations approximately every three months.


The residency requirement is the same as traditional PGY1 pharmacy practice residency, with the exceptions below:


  • Non-traditional residents will complete two quality improvement projects (one each year).
  • Non-traditional residents will complete only one clinical research project during the two-year span, with results to be presented at Great Lakes Conference during the second year.
  • During the months of nightshift staffing, non-traditional residents are NOT required to participate in evening and weekend staffing.



Stipend: Approximately $66,560 per year


Rotation selection: Non-traditional residents have priority over traditional PGY1 residents to choose rotations.


Office space: Two non-traditional residents will share one office desk.


Please email the RPD if you have additional questions about the non-traditional pharmacy residency program.


Noelle RM Chapman, PharmD, BCPS serves as the residency director for the Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NMH) PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Residency Program. She is also the Pharmacy Manager of Clinical Operations at NMH. Dr. Chapman received her PharmD from the University of Wisconsin, completed a PGY1 residency at NMH and is a graduate of the ASHP Foundation’s Pharmacy Leadership Academy. She started her career as a clinical pharmacist at NMH and later transitioned into leadership. She also served as the PGY1 residency coordinator for many years prior to her current roles. Dr. Chapman frequently speaks at regional and national pharmacy conferences on leadership topics. In the summer of 2015, she was recognized as a Fellow of ASHP.