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IASTM can:

  • Improve mobility in soft tissue
  • Relieve pain
  • Help you heal
  • Help with scar mobilization

The Graston Technique™ is a type of IASTM. Therapists use IASTM to help people who have soft tissue changes due to:

  • Degenerative joint changes
  • Soft tissue restrictions, like muscle pain or tightness, after a sprain, strain or bruise
  • A surgery where scar tissue forms

How It Works

Your therapist will use a lotion to help soften and prepare your skin. They will use a blunt stainless-steel tool in and around the affected area. The tool’s movements promote blood flow to the affected area.

Next, the therapist will have you do strengthening and stretching exercises. They will choose exercises based on your needs and mobility.

Most people get these treatments over several sessions. The length and frequency of session will depend on your body’s response.

How Can I Get This Treatment?

A physician may prescribe that your therapy plan include IASTM or the Graston Technique. Or, a therapist may determine that the treatment can help you and start the sessions.

To learn more or schedule a therapy visit, please call 630.933.1500

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