Accessibility Resources

Find information about accessible parking, single-user restrooms and wheelchairs.

Advance Directives

You should have your wishes for care in writing. Advance directives are legal documents that tell your care team what to do if you cannot make decisions.

Appointment Questions to Ask

Before your visit or stay, make a plan to talk to your care team.


You can check in for an upcoming office visit before you arrive.

Interpretation Services

Find out how to ask for care in the language you prefer. There is no cost for this service.

Parking Options

See where to park at each Northwestern Medicine location.

Post Appointment Care

After you see your physician or care team, be sure to follow their instructions.

Post-acute Care Services

This is the care you may get after you leave the hospital. It can help you return to your daily life.

Telehealth Instructions

We offer video and telephone visits. Learn how to use your computer, tablet or phone to meet with your care team.