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Providing world-class eye care

The Northwestern Medicine Department of Ophthalmology treats and manages the full spectrum of eye disease, providing world-class eye care for everything from contact lens fitting to the most advanced refractive cataract surgeries and treatments for macular degeneration.

We feature leaders in the field of LASIK surgery, treat patients looking to correct drooping or baggy eyelids and offer novel procedures to treat other cosmetic concerns around the eyes or mid-face.

Vision is our most precious sense—it helps shape one's experience—and its preservation is paramount to all. The accomplished physicians in our department share a steadfast commitment to ocular health and vision preservation.

These ophthalmologists have a level of expertise and knowledge that produces breakthroughs—which lead to breakthroughs in the treatment and vision health of our patients. In turn, we pass this knowledge on to the next generation of ophthalmologists through our Ophthalmology Residency and Fellowship programs.