Telehealth Visits With Your Northwestern Medicine Physician

Convenient Care Without Leaving Home

northwestern-medicine-telehealthNorthwestern Medicine offers telehealth visits. At a telehealth visit, your physician may be able to:
  • Make diagnosis during the visit
  • Develop a treatment plan with you
  • Change your current treatment plan
  • Prescribe medications

Visits will typically be conducted by video. You can use your computer, tablet or other digital device, such as an iPhone or Android phone. In some cases, your visit may be by phone. Telehealth visits are available for both adults and children.

A telehealth visit can be done for many types of appointments. To schedule one, please call your physician’s office or request an appointment through your MyNM account.

Instructions for Your Telehealth Visit

Preparing for Your Visit

  • If you need help setting up the video visit, please view this video.
  • Before your visit, use the eCheck-In process to register for your appointment. eCheck-In allows you to review and update your personal, medical and insurance information before your appointment. You can also pay your co-pay and fill in any needed clinical questionnaires. For help with eCheck-in, please see these tip sheets in English and Spanish.
  • Be in a quiet, private, comfortable and well-lit place for the visit.
  • If you will have a video visit, log in 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Check that your speakers and camera are working properly. Be sure you have a good internet connection.
  • Just like any medical visit, you should:
    • Be ready to discuss your symptoms
    • Know your medical history and recent test results
    • Have a list of current medications
    • Prepare any questions you have for your physician before the visit
    • Ask your physician to explain anything you don’t understand or need repeated
  • Consider having a family member or friend join you during the visit to take notes, raise any concerns and serve as a second set of ears.

Conducting Your Visit

Video Visits

Your physician’s office will send a text message from an 882-86 number to start a telehealth visit by video.

Telephone Visits

Your physician will call you directly. Please be by your phone 15 minutes before the visit. The call may come from an unknown number.

Please note:

  • Not every appointment can be done through telehealth. A telehealth visit is not for an emergency or crisis. Please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room if you are having an emergency.
  • Privacy, confidentiality and the security of information are important to Northwestern Medicine. We use a secure video tool that allows you to connect with your physician online while protecting your privacy. Video visits are not recorded or stored.
  • Insurance coverage for telehealth can vary. Please contact your insurance company to determine your costs, including co-pay and coinsurance.