Financial Assistance

Who is eligible for financial assistance?

Northwestern Memorial HealthCare (NMHC) and its affiliates, are committed to meeting the healthcare needs of those within the NMHC community who are unable to pay for medically necessary or emergency care. This commitment includes providing medically necessary care at free or discounted rates under our Financial Assistance program.

NMHC will always provide emergency care, regardless of patient’s ability to pay.

The Financial Assistance program helps uninsured or underinsured patients who need help in paying all or part of their medical bill for care received at any Northwestern Medicine facility.

NMHC determines the need for financial assistance by reviewing medical necessity and established eligibility requirements. A completed financial assistance application will help us evaluate eligibility for charity care. Patients may contact Financial Counseling or visit any Financial Counseling office for assistance in applying.

What providers and services are covered under Financial Assistance?

The NMHC Financial Assistance Program covers emergency and medically necessary services at all of our Northwestern Medicine facilities. Services that are not considered medically necessary as determined by NMHC, include, but are not limited to, cosmetic surgery, infertility treatment, certain medical supplies, and services provided outside of a Northwestern Medicine facility.

Please refer to the NMHC’s Financial Assistance Policy for a complete list of non-covered services.

Financial Assistance is not offered for out of network services. In addition, your physician or non-hospital provider may not participate in NMHC’s Financial Assistance Program.

Please refer to the provider listing here for a list of physicians not participating with NMHC’s Financial Assistance Program.

How to Apply

Patients can apply for NMHC’s Financial Assistance Program by completing a Financial Assistance Application, please see the documents below to download free copies of the application, plain language summary, and NMHC’s Policy.

When you call to make an appointment, you may be asked to make financial arrangements, if you are unable to apply prior to your visit, please complete a Financial Assistance application as early as possible.

Free copies of the application can also be obtained via our:

  • Log in to your patient portal at
  • Financial Counseling Offices
  • Check in and check out areas
  • Emergency Department via Admitting and Registration
  • Or by mail, please contact our financial counseling department.

NMHC understands that the application process may be difficult to understand, financial counselors are available to help you through the process, please call 800.423.0523.

Policies and Applications