Financial Assistance

Northwestern Memorial HealthCare and its Affiliates, including Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital, Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital, Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital, Northwestern Medical Group and and Northwestern Medicine Regional Medical Group (referred to as “NMHC” in this Summary) are committed to meeting the healthcare needs of those within the NMHC community who are unable to pay for medically necessary or emergency care. When needed, NMHC provides medically necessary care at free or discounted rates (“Financial Assistance”).

To manage its resources and responsibilities, and to provide Financial Assistance to as many people as possible, NMHC has established program guidelines for providing Financial Assistance. However, NMHC will always provide emergency care, regardless of a patient’s ability to pay.

NMHC’s Financial Assistance Policy provides several assistance programs. In order to be considered for free or discounted care, you may need to fill out an Application and provide supporting documentation about you and your family’s financial circumstances, such as your income and assets.

Financial Assistance Programs

The following programs are offered to help you afford care:
Financial Assistance Program
Program Eligibility Requirements Assistance
Uninsured Patients ​Uninsured IL residents receiving medically necessary care*
& any uninsured patient receiving emergency care
Free care for patients earning 200% or less of the applicable FPL; discounted care for those earning between 200% and 600% of applicable FPL
Insured Patients Insured IL residents receiving medically necessary care*
& any insured patient receiving emergency care
Free care for patients earning 200% or less of the applicable FPL; discounted care for non-covered services for patients earning between 200% and 600% of applicable FPL**
Presumptive Eligibility Uninsured Illinois residents who qualify under certain federal and state assistance programs Free care

* Not all services are covered by Financial Assistance, and Financial Assistance is not available for out-of-network services. In addition, your physician or non-hospital provider may not participate in NMHC’s Financial Assistance program. A list of providers and whether or not they participate in NMHC’s Financial Assistance Program is part of NMHC’s Financial Assistance Policy.  It is also available from the Financial Counseling Department (contact information above).

Northwestern Memorial HealthCare’s (NMHC) employed physician groups including Northwestern Medical Group, Northwestern Medicine Regional Medical Group, Kishwaukee Physician Group, and, effective 9/1/2018, Marianjoy Medical Group comply with the NMHC Financial Assistance Policy. While we attempt to coordinate our financial assistance approvals with all providers who treat our patients, the attached list of independent providers are not bound by our financial assistance policy.

This provider listing includes Central DuPage Hospital, Delnor Hospital, Kishwaukee Hospital, Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital, Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and Valley West Hospital.

** Individuals receiving free care remain responsible for co-payments. Individuals receiving discounted care remain responsible for co-payments, co-insurance, and deductibles.

If you receive discounted care and are responsible for paying a portion of your bill, NMHC will not charge you more than the amount we generally bill patients who have insurance covering such care. ​

How To Apply
When you call to make an appointment, you may be asked to make financial arrangements. If you cannot apply for Financial Assistance before your visit, you should do so as early as possible. NMHC will then decide if you are eligible for Financial Assistance and how much you can receive. If you disagree with our determination, you can contact the Financial Counseling Department.

You can download free copies of NMHC’s Policy, Application, and a Plain Language Summary below.​ Free copies can also be obtained in our Financial Counseling Department, Patient Services Department, Emergency Rooms Admitting and Registration, or by mail if you call the respective Financial Counseling Department. NMHC understands that the application process can be difficult to understand so financial counselors are available to help you through the process. Please contact the Financial Counseling at the information below.

Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital and Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital

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