Professional Practice Model

Nursing Professional Practice Model at Kishwaukee Hospital and Valley West Hospital

Relationship-Based Care is a visual representation of the framework that guides professional nurses in their daily practice. It symbolizes nurses’ beliefs, values, systems and priorities and allows nurses throughout the organization to align their patient care practices, professional development and expectations of colleagues.

Diagram showing the importance of integrity, excellence, teamwork, and NM's patients first model.

  • NM Values form the outermost circle. They guide our decisions and actions.
  • Relationship-Based Care ideals make up the second circle. We provide care through the relationships we nurture with patients, families, co-workers and ourselves.
  • The components of RBC, represented by each puzzle piece, are the concrete methods we use to provide excellent care. These are the tools, processes and activities we use to perform procedures, advocate for our patients, interact with other members of the care team and improve outcomes.
  • Community is at the center of the PPM. Delivering the best outcomes enhances the lives of our patients and families. We are the key that unlocks their potential.