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Healthy Tips

Healthy Activities for Your Stay at Home

Supporting the Mind, Body and Spirit

Although you can’t control the world beyond your doorstep, you can maintain control over your daily life, your connectedness with others and your level of activity. If you are stuck at home, creating a daily schedule can help you feel accomplished and empowered. Make sure you schedule time to take care of yourself, connect with others and find balance.

Need ideas to fill the time? Here are some healthy activities that can help you make the most of your stay at home.

For the Kids

Have WiFi, Will Travel

For the Cooking Enthusiast

  • Cook up fun in America’s Test Kitchen classroom.
  • Solicit recipes from friends and family, and create a cookbook, or catalog your own favorite recipes.
  • Create a cooking challenge: List three to five ingredients, and see what dishes friends and family come up with.
  • Practice your green thumb! Plant an indoor herb garden.

For the Love of Arts

For the Fitness Fan

  • Try a workout class online.
  • Move your daily walk to a different neighborhood each week.
  • Have an outdoor bike? Purchase a bike stand to make it stationary for indoor use.
  • Exercise while doing housework. Find tips online or use your imagination to incorporate squats, lunges and dance.
  • Create an exercise obstacle course.

For the Lifelong Learner

  • Expand your mind. Take a free online Ivy-League course that is self-paced.
  • Give your spirit a lift and check out the Science of Happiness Podcast.
  • Learn a new language.
  • Take up a new card game, or boost brain power with strategy games like chess or checkers
  • Join a book club, or take a virtual course in acting, music, dance or art.
  • Dig into your genealogy and interview some relatives, or compile a book of your family history.
  • New to Ted Talks or podcasts? Explore the platforms, seek out recommendations and prepare to be inspired.

If you’re cooped up with a full house, be sure to set aside time for yourself to relax and recharge.