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5 Questions for Self-Evaluation

Taking your health temperature is a great way to check in on your wellness and lifestyle goals — whether it’s New Year’s Day, the first day of spring or halfway through the year. Here are five questions to ask:

1. When was your last check-up?

Screenings with a primary care physician are the best barometer of your health throughout the year. Regular visits can help you build an ongoing relationship with a partner in care — someone who knows you, your needs and your goals.

2. What does healthy mean for you?

Help your physician be the best partner he or she can be by sharing your priorities and values when it comes to your health. Good health can have many components — from feeling good to creating a long-term routine — and a personal definition can go a long way in maintaining your health.

3. How are your goals?

Remember when you resolved to run a 5K or follow a more heart-healthy diet? Revisit your goals and the strategies you’ve been using to reach them. Recalibrate and recommit as needed.

4. Are you prepared?

Preventive care can be the foundation of a good life. Whether this means preparing for pregnancy or taking steps to prevent injury, the right tools can ensure you stay on track and in good health.

5. How do you feel?

As you focus on milestones and metrics for your health, be sure to consider your emotional wellness too. Stress at work, pressures at home and conflict in relationships can lead to health problems, so it’s important to address those issues and take steps to resolve them. Self-care is an essential component of any healthy life.