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7 Tips to Stay Safe at Festivals and Fairs

Whether you’re headed to a music festival, a hometown fair, a food tasting or an all-day art extravaganza, you should prepare for the summer sun as well as the fun. Before you start packing your bags to face the heat, here are a few safety tips to keep in mind.

1. Rehydrate before you dehydrate.

On a hot day, drinking copious amounts of water might be your first instinct. However, there are other options that offer added nutrients and more hydration in every sip. If you’re looking for something with flavor or electrolytes, try alternatives to water, such as sports drinks, powdered mix or coconut water, which can keep you energized and hydrated throughout the day.

2. Apply, apply and apply again.

The sun may not be strong for long, but it does have a powerful impact on your skin. Before departing for your festival of choice, take precautionary steps to avoid sunburn. Pack a variety of sunscreen options for yourself, the kids or whoever else may be joining. Whether you’re using SPF 30 or SPF 75, any sunscreen is better than no sunscreen. Doctors recommend reapplying at least every two to four hours.

3. Feel energized with superfoods.

Festival foods are typically not healthy. Keep yourself awake and energized all day long with natural, energy-boosting superfoods like nuts, fruits and whole grains that will help you make the most of your day of fun.

4. Keep your body cool and dry.

When packing, be prepared for any and all weather conditions. Overexposure to heat or wet conditions can cause serious illness to develop quickly. Consider packing a hat, bandana or sunglasses to keep your head cool and reduce exposure to direct sunlight.

For cooler, rainy weather, bring rain boots or a light rain poncho to keep you dry.

5. Be prepared for accidents.

Thousands of people go to festivals every summer, which means you and your family could be exposed to some unsafe or unsanitary conditions. Be prepared for possible food-borne illnesses, infections and cuts while on your excursion. Pack a first-aid kit that includes everything from a headache helper to hand sanitizer.

6. Prevent back pain.

Walking all day in unsupportive shoes can lead to severe arch and back pain. The perfect pair of walking shoes offers enough cushion, padding and comfort to keep you pain-free throughout the day.

7. Communication is key.

Festivals are busy and can be overwhelming for attendees — especially those with children. Try mapping out the festival grounds to find the artists, attractions and vendors you want to see. Create a schedule, meeting place and communication plan for your friends and family.