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Healthy Tips

Spring Clean Your Way to Good Health

It’s your favorite time of year: spring cleaning. (Cue the silence.)

Turns out, cleaning has been shown to improve physical and emotional health. A space that is clean and organized promotes productivity and reduces stress. It’s also an ample opportunity to take inventory on the safety of your space to promote a healthy environment for you and your family.

Let us help you tackle your clutter and clean your way to good health. Print our free spring cleaning checklist below.

Gone With the Germs

This one is probably the most obvious benefit to cleaning. Our households are chock-full of germs hidden in plain sight. Make sure you use clean sponges to avoid spreading bacteria. Use the opportunity to clean objects such as garbage cans, the dishwasher and the inside of your washing machine. Don’t forget to clean the germiest places in your household!

Purging the Medicine Cabinet

When you’re organizing your medicine cabinet, take the time to dispose of expired medications. This includes anything that is off-color or smells bad. Heat and moisture can cause medication to go bad before the expiration date. Make sure anything that you keep is stored in a dry, cool place. Finally, and most importantly, make sure all medication is out of reach of children.

Break Up With Your Makeup

Give your skin the same TLC as your household. Dispose of any skin care products or makeup that is expired. Typically, the lifespan of mascara is two to three months. These products host bacteria that can lead to eye infections. Eyeliner and eye shadows are other culprits that can be particularly damaging. Should an infection occur, discard all products immediately.

Beat the Battle Against Allergies

Goodbye allergens! When you’re deep cleaning your house, make sure to dust any and all surfaces. This includes the tops of ceiling fans, picture frames and décor. This may help alleviate your allergy symptoms.

Safety First

Spring is a perfect time to take inventory of the safety of your space. Replace the batteries in your smoke detector. Replace and/or refresh any filters. Finally, be mindful of the harmful chemicals in your household. Remove any paint or solvent and place them in the garage. Make sure any dangerous or toxic products are out of reach of children. Use proper ventilation and gloves when handling cleaning detergents or products.

Be sure to check out other ways to jump start your healthy habits this spring, from tackling your fitness goals to scheduling “me time.”

Download Spring Clean Your Way to Good Health