Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is an important element in healthcare quality, which is why we have the goal of delivering exceptional care for each and every patient. Studies have shown that when patients are satisfied with their care, they are more likely to work with their doctors and nurses to improve their health. We want our patients to feel like they are cared for as individuals. We want them to know they are a valued part of their healthcare team and that we welcome their input. Moreover, we use the input daily to improve care.

Survey by Press Ganey Associates

In order to monitor our patients’ satisfaction with their healthcare experience, we partner with Press Ganey to collect feedback from patients. Press Ganey Associates, Inc. is a national firm that provides services to survey healthcare consumers and patients about their experiences. Northwestern Medicine engages Press Ganey to survey our patients and to provide comparative data to enable us to identify opportunities to improve.

Patient satisfaction is an indicator of quality healthcare. A higher score may indicate that a hospital provides a higher level of patient care.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital Department of Surgery Pilot Project

The Department of Surgery at Northwestern Memorial Hospital is conducting a pilot project to provide patients with additional information about their surgeon by posting surgeon-specific Press Ganey survey ratings and comments from patients on the doctor profile pages.

Which providers are included in the pilot?   

The pilot project only includes surgeons from the Department of Surgery at Northwestern Memorial Hospital at this time.  

Why doesn’t my surgeon have patient ratings and comments available?  

Patient ratings and comments are posted for surgeons who see patients in the outpatient setting and have received at least 30 patient experience surveys. A surgeon will not have ratings or comments available until the minimum number of surveys are received from patients. Surgeons will also not be included if their hospital, practice, or department is not yet participating in this initiative.

Will all patient comments be posted for participating surgeons who have met the minimum number of returned surveys?

Patient comments from the Care Provider survey section are being posted to surgeons’ profile pages. Only comments from this section are posted to make sure the comments are related to the doctor or care from the visit.

Comments will not be posted if they are not related to the doctor or care from the visit or if they include commentary on technical aspects of care that others could construe as medical advice. Offensive language, potentially slanderous material, or personal information about the patient will be deleted from comments before they are posted.

Comments and star ratings will be refreshed on a rolling 2 year basis. Therefore, comments from more than 2 years ago will not appear on the website.

What questions are included in the Care Provider section of the survey used in the outpatient setting and how are ratings calculated?

There are ten questions included in the Care Provider section of the survey used in the outpatient setting. Responses are on a scale from 1 to 5 with 5 being the best score. Participating surgeons have their ratings for each question included on their profile page as well as an overall rating. The question-specific rating is the average of all responses to that question. The overall rating is the average of all responses within the Care provider section.

Why do some surgeons have a group score and all the same comments?

Surgeons from the Trauma and Critical Care division of the Department of Surgery practice as a group, given the 24 hours a day and 7 days a week nature of their work. Multiple surgeons may care for an individual patient. For these surgeons, they have group ratings and shared comments instead of individual ratings and comments.