Northwestern Medicine EpicCare Link

Quick and easy access to patients’ care at Northwestern Medicine is only a few clicks away with NM EpicCare Link. NM EpicCare Link gives qualifying organizations secure, online access to necessary medical record information, at no cost, to better coordinate care of our shared patients.

NM EpicCare Link is for qualifying organizations that include:

  • Referring physicians
  • Office staff of private medical staff
  • NM-approved community-based care partners, such as physician offices, nursing homes, third-party billers and home health agencies

With NM EpicCare Link, qualifying organizations can:

  • Request appointments with NM specialists (Request for Service Order)
  • Place orders for lab, imaging and cardiology tests, and for outpatient rehabilitation services
  • Exchange messages with NM clinicians via In Basket
  • Take an active role in managing patient care at NM by accessing and sharing information, such as:
    • Hospital admissions and discharges
    • Outpatient visits
    • Clinical summaries
    • Lab and imaging results
    • Insurance coverage information
  • Upload documents to the patient chart media folder
  • Access NM’s Surgical Case Request module
  • Consult appropriate-use criteria for specific advanced imaging exams to easily comply with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services mandate

Instructions for gaining access to EpicCare Link

Each NM EpicCare Link user must be associated with an enrolled qualifying organization. To enroll your qualifying organization, tap the New Organization Enrollment Form button below, provide your information and click Submit.


A Site Administrator must be designated to serve as the primary liaison with Northwestern Medicine and will be responsible for password reset requests, user access and new user validation. After the enrollment form is submitted, an email with additional details will be sent to the Site Administrator in four to six business days.

To change a Site Administrator:

  • Send an email to provisioning@nm.org.
  • Include the name of the facility, and new and former site manager.

Visit EpicCare Link Access request form (Please NOTE: This site is only accessible by authorized site managers).

Visit epiccarelink.nm.org to log into NM EpicCare Link.

Palos EpicCare Link is no longer accessible. Medical records are available in NM EpicCare Link for encounters on and after October 1, 2022. Results are available for dates on and after March 8, 2022. Please contact NM Medical Records via fax at 312.926.3093 for records prior to October 1, 2022.