Northwestern Medicine EpicCare Link

Northwestern Medicine offers Qualifying Organizations the opportunity to obtain necessary medical record information for continuity of care and billing through an Internet-based access to our medical records system called EpicCare Link.

Qualifying Organizations are organizations that share a common patient with the hospital and have been approved by the hospital to receive access. Some examples of the types of organizations that would qualify are: physician offices, nursing homes, third-party billers, and home health agencies.

Instructions for gaining access to EpicCare Link

  1. To enroll your Qualifying Organization: Each EpicCare Link user must be associated with an enrolled Qualifying Organization (office, nursing home, etc.). To request setup, enter the required fields below, then click Submit. Included in this detail is a Site Administrator which will be the main liaison with Northwestern. Please allow 4 to 6 business days from submission request until an email is sent to the Site Administrator to provide additional details.
    New Organization Enrollment Form
  2. To change a Site Administrator: A Site Administrator will be designated in the enrollment step (Step 1 above) for a new Qualifying Organization. They are responsible for resetting user passwords, validating new users and reviewing current users access for updates and terminations. To update or change a Site Administrator, please email the following team with the facility, current site manager and the new site manager contact information: provisioning@nm.org
  3. To enroll an individual user: After a Qualifying Organization has been set up and the Site Administrator has responded with additional details, individual users must be validated, given access and associated with a Qualifying Organization. A Site Administrator must login to EpicCare Link to add new or update existing users.

Once setup is complete, use this link to log in to EpicCare Link: https://epiccarelink.nm.org