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Serious events

Northwestern Huntley Hospital has implemented a patient safety program to apply evidence-based practices to keep patients safe from adverse events such as falls, pressure injuries, and errors. This program includes careful attention to improve systems after a near-miss event, and encouragement of staff to speak up when they identify an opportunity for improvement. Patient suggestions provide another source of valuable input into opportunities for safety. One frequently-referenced list of safety events which should often be avoidable is found at this link. (Note: NM data do not include pressure injuries at this time, pending surveillance data system improvements.) This year, the hospital has identified no such events.

If events are identified, each has a comprehensive action plan which is accountable to senior leaders. These interventions have produced continuous improvements in safety each year, as measured by improved processes and reduced safety events. NM hospitals also study the experience of other hospitals and health systems to learn from safety events that occur in other places, and also provide confidential, de-identified summaries of safety events to a national protected Patient Safety Organization so that others can learn from our experience.