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National Comparisons

We are constantly scanning national resources to identify valid and reliable measures of hospital quality. Our quality committees review and approve measures which meet these criteria:

  • They must be meaningful measures to evaluate and improve patient care.
  • They must be valid and reliable based on scientific and expert consensus.
  • They must use a methodology or formula for calculation that is public and transparent.

There are several national organizations that define the best ways to measure quality. These organizations use research and expert consensus to decide what data to gather, how to analyze it and how to display the data. They set the standards to ensure that any participating hospital has reliable and accurate data. Some measures are very straightforward and objective, and some collect subjective data such as patient opinions.


Below is a list of organizations we use to share or submit our data to and that we rely on for comparisons. We use many comparisons to challenge ourselves to achieve the highest level of performance.