Your First Appointment

At Your First Behavioral Health Services Therapy Appointment

We recommend that you arrive at least 20 minutes early for your first appointment at Northwestern Medicine Behavioral Health Services. Please bring your insurance information if you will be going through insurance for your therapy. Any co-payment for the visit can be paid at this time as well.

In addition to new patient forms, you will be asked to sign a Release of Information form, which gives your provider permission to communicate with your primary care physician, healthcare providers, and other designated individuals regarding your care. We believe a team approach to counseling and therapy is the most effective.

However, releasing information is completely up to you, and we will honor your directives if you choose not to share that information.

About Sessions with Your Provider

The professionals at Northwestern Medicine Behavioral Health Services believe that counseling is a collaborative effort between the provider and the patient. During your first session, you and your provider will get to know each other and if possible, determine the best plan for your care.

In the initial session, it is important that you feel comfortable to ask questions regarding your provider’s approach, education, and training. Your provider will also ask you questions about your reasons for coming, your personal and family history, and other healthcare information.