Symptoms of Aortic Valve Disease

Depending on the severity, signs and symptoms of aortic valve disease vary, but may include:

  • Chest pain (angina) or tightness
  • Feeling faint (lightheaded) or fainting with exertion (activity)
  • Shortness of breath, especially with exertion
  • Fatigue, especially during times of increased activity
  • Heart palpitations (sensations of a rapid, fluttering heartbeat)
  • Heart murmur
The heart-weakening effects of aortic valve disease can lead to heart failure. Heart failure signs and symptoms include fatigue, shortness of breath, and swollen ankles and feet. Often, there are no warning signs or symptoms for aortic valve disease, making it difficult to detect. Regular evaluations by your physician are necessary in order to monitor aortic valve disease.

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