Treatment Options

Treatment Options

To present you with the best treatment options, it is important for us to discuss the symptoms you are experiencing, other treatments you may have had in the past, and any other medical problems you may have.

After a physical exam, a variety of diagnostic tests may be used to further evaluate the veins in your legs. The most common test used in our clinic is the duplex ultrasound. The test is painless and can usually be done on the same day as your consultation.

The important information gained during your consultation will help our team determine the cause, severity and best treatment options for your particular problem.

The most conservative treatment is wearing graduated, medical-grade compression stockings (tighter at the ankle than the thigh). Although such measures may not rid your legs of existing varicose and spider veins, the symptoms associated with vein problems may improve. Conservative treatments are well-suited for women who are pregnant or for anyone who is unwilling to undergo other therapy.

In some cases, additional intervention such as surgery, ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy, or endovenous laser treatment will be necessary. Often, a combination of treatments will be most beneficial.

Medical Treatment
After a thorough evaluation by the vein center physician’s team to determine the cause and severity of your leg vein problems, one or more of the following treatment options may be discussed with you: