Diabetes Education and Resources

Diabetes Education

Diabetes Education and Resources

Below are diabetes educational resources, references and support materials to help you understand and manage diabetes.

Educational and Support Resources

Learn more about diabetes with these resources:

  • Family and Friends Pact: Guide to having a good conversation with your family and friends about how best to support your process of dealing with diabetes. Post this on your fridge as a good reminder of your family's commitment of support.
  • Travel Tips for Diabetics:  Review of what special things diabetics should think about when traveling. Keep it handy in your luggage as a reminder of what to do when you travel.
  • Know Your Numbers:  Learn the importance of following your “HbA1C” lab value, which is tracked to help measure your diabetes control. Keeping your HbA1C under 7.0 is ideal.

For a comprehensive overview of diabetes, as well as extensive links for additional education, visit Diabetes Type 1 Overview or Diabetes Type 2 Overview.

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