Featured Articles and Interviews

Featured Articles and Interviews

Featured Articles and Interviews

Hospitals cut back on opioids to battle addiction epidemic: Drugs such as Vicodin, OxyContin and fentanyl diminish moderate to severe pain, but they also carry a significant risk of addiction. It's not clear how many people swept up in the nation's opioid crisis got started because of a trip to the hospital, but some experts believe the portion is sizable. Article features Jonah Stuhlberg, MD, MPH. 

Doctor Helps Kids Stay Off the Street Through Boxing: A Chicago doctor is making a difference in the hospital and in the boxing ring, where he started a club to help keep kids off the street. Article features John Pandolfino, MD. 

The Only Things You Should Do to Help Beat a Cold or the Flu
As the virus has swept the U.S. in recent months, people have turned to some strange habits to keep illness at bay, like chugging orange juice "starving" their fevers, and taking antibiotics. (Spoiler: None of these will help.) Article features Stephen Hanauer, MD.

How to Eat Healthy at Fast Food Spots: We asked two dietitians to give us some tips and tricks for choosing healthy options and then made them prove the tips would work by taking them to popular fast food and fast casual restaurants. Segment features Bethany Doerfler, MS, RD.

Living Healthy with Liver DiseaseA local man is sharing how changing his eating habits and exercising more has helped him to manage liver disease. We also learn about how liver disease can develop and why lifestyle changes are important for anyone dealing with liver disease. Article features Mary Rinella, MD.

How Long Does it Actually Take to Get Food Poisoning from a Sketchy Meal?You're not in the clear even after a few days have passed. Article features John Pandolfino, MD.

After a Hepatitis C Diagnosis: What to Expect from Your TreatmentMore than 90 percent of people with chronic hepatitis C can be cured. Here are the steps that you and your doctor can take. Article features Steven Flamm, MD.

Personal Tragedy Leads to a Career in MedicineWhen Lisa VanWagner, MD, was 15 years old, she was struck by a car.

How to Cope with Travel ConstipationWhether you're headed across time zones or just downstate, your normal response to move your bowels can get suppressed when you're traveling. Article features Darren Brenner, MD.

Heart Benefit of Alcohol Not Seen in People with Liver DiseaseLight to moderate drinkers may have a lower risk of heart disease than teetotalers, but a new study suggests this doesn't hold true for people with fatty liver disease. Article features Lisa VanWagner, MD.

Why a Low-Residue Diet Could Be the Answer for Crohn's, Colitis and Other GI ProblemsGiving your bowel a break may be much-needed to help alleviate symptoms. Here's how to use a low-residue diet, when to follow the diet, and who is the best candidate for it. Article features Bethany Doerfler, MS, RD.

Experts Raise Red Flag Over Fatty Liver Disease: Experts say that an increasing epidemic of fatty liver disease in the U.S. is likely to ruin the health of millions and cost billions of dollars a year. Article features Mary Rinella, MD.

Northwestern Develops App to Predict Cardiac Risk in Liver Transplant Recipients: Because liver transplants are among the surgeries with the highest risk of causing cardiac problems, researchers at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago have developed an app that can predict a liver transplant patient's one-year risk of dying or being hospitalized due to a heart attack or other cardiac event. Article features Lisa VanWagner, MD.

Family Fights for Formula Coverage Despite it Being Illinois LawA growing number of kids are suffering from a little-known disease that limits their diet to just a handful of foods. News segment features Ikuo Hirano, MD.

Multidisciplinary Teamwork Saves Patient’s LifeExperts at the Digestive Health Center and Northwestern Medicine colleagues collaborate to treat an unusual surgical complication.

7 Crohn's Management Tips for Seniors: As you get older, your strategies for managing Crohn’s disease may need to change—especially if you’re managing multiple health conditions. Article features Stephen Hanauer, MD.

The Basics of Biosimilars
: Four things you should know about the next wave of treatment for chronic diseases. Article features Stephen Hanauer, MD. 

Nine Foods that Help Relieve Nausea: Most everyone has felt queasy at some time, whether it was testing for a college entrance exam, dressing for a first date, or navigating a new parking lot. But nausea takes that unpleasant sensation one step further. Article features Stephen Hanauer, MD. 

Family Fights for Their Own Insurance Coverage After Getting Law Passed Helping Others: In a world obsessed with trendy restaurants, cook-outs and food photos posted to social media, imagine if all you could eat were a handful of fruits, vegetables and powder formula. News segment features Ikuo Hirano, MD. 

Better Makers: Bonnie Hunt Emcees Envision Gala for the Digestive Health Foundation: The Envision Gala, emceed by actress Bonnie Hunt and co-chaired by Janet Ruchim and Dr. Michael Ruchim, raised more than $1.6 million for the improvement and development of the Northwestern Medicine Digestive Health Foundation. Article features Stephen Hanauer, MD.

Acid Reflux and Esophageal Cancer: Sri Komanduri, MD, and his patient Michelle talk about the importance of esophageal cancer prevention on WGN news.

Michael Ruchim, MD, Discusses the Importance of Colonoscopies and the Digestive Health Foundation: Michael Ruchim, MD, talks with Fox 32 Chicago about the importance of the Digestive Health Foundation and screening colonoscopies.

Nonprofit Wants Stronger Warning Labels on Reflux Medications: According to Dr. Sri Komanduri, medical director of the GI Lab at Northwestern Memorial Hospital,
60 million Americans experience heartburn each year, with 15 million experiencing symptoms on a daily basis.

Man Gets Parasite Infection After Eating Sushi:
Sushi may sound like a healthy choice, but if it’s not prepared properly, raw fish can carry some pretty icky parasites. Article features Aryvdas Vanagunas, MD.

How to Prevent Esophageal Cancer:
It is the fastest growing cancer in the U.S. Learn how to prevent esophageal cancer by recognizing key symptoms and risk factors.

Five Diseases You’re Never ‘Too Young’ to Get: Research shows that many young adults are developing typically age-related diseases at record-high rates. Meanwhile, some diseases are actually more likely to strike—and more likely to prove fatal—in a person's younger years than in later life. Article features Scott Strong, MD.

The Rising Threat of Esophageal Cancer: “When Heartburn May be Something More”: Treating heartburn with over-the-counter medicines provides short-term relief, but if the symptoms persist, these medicines can cause more harm than good. Heartburn has the ability to mimic more serious conditions such as acid reflux and GERD. Article features Srinadh Komanduri, MD.

Barrett’s Esophagus Recurrence Unlikely After Endoscopic Eradication with Reflux Control: Endoscopic eradication therapy with effective reflux control showed durable protection against recurrence of Barrett's esophagus in a single-center observational cohort study.

9 At-Home Remedies That Actually Work: Here are nine weird household tricks that you can really use to ward off pain, soothe a cold, calm a headache, and brighten your smile. Article features Stephen Hanauer, MD.

What to Do When Your Stomach is Bothering You: Eight of ten adults occasionally or frequently experience gas, constipation, heartburn and other stomach problems. Here's how to treat common digestive complaints. Article features Stephen Hanauer, MD.

How to Avoid Pooping During a Race: Ease stomach troubles and make that mid-run potty break a thing of the past. Article features John Pandolfino, MD.

Dr. Hanauer Discusses How IBD Therapies Will Fit Within Clinical Practice: Video from the 2016 Advances in IBD Conference.