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Occupational Health

Our occupational health services are designed to keep employee productivity high, medical costs low and your business in compliance.

Occupational Health

Northwestern Medicine offers a wide range of services to provide exceptional value to your employees and your company including post-offer and annual medical surveillance exams, acute injury care and wellness programs. For added convenience, we are also able to provide customized, onsite health-related services at your workplace.

Northwestern Medicine Occupational Health is dedicated to helping companies better manage employee health. Our highly skilled board-certified physicians, nurses and technologists specialize in occupational health. Our services provide:

  • Fewer workdays lost
  • Healthier employees
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower disability claims
  • Reduced exposure to long-term, health-related workplace risks
  • Reduced healthcare costs

Acute and emergency care

Immediate treatment of an injured employee is essential. Trained in workplace injuries, accidents and exposures, our providers know how to react, foster healing and support individuals as they prepare to return to work. We understand that immediate, accurate treatment is only the first step in managing a work-related injury, and we work hard to ensure the best possible outcome with the least time lost from work.

Employee health services

In addition to injury treatment and post-accident drug and alcohol testing, our specialists also have extensive experience with post-offer physical exams (including job function screens). Municipal, state and federally required services including Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals and drug testing. Illinois School Bus physicals, and law enforcement and firefighter physical exams are also offered.

Our services also include annual programs to satisfy OSHA requirements for respirator use, Tuberculosis (TB) and hearing conservation.

In short, we help you maintain a healthier workforce, which ultimately results in a healthier bottom line.

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