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A blonde hair female doctor listening to the heart of a young male patient who is wearing a blue surgical mask.

What respiratory therapists do:

  • Provide treatments to make breathing easier.
  • Use various techniques to help you clear out your lungs when mucus is blocking your airways.
  • Help you exercise your lungs and diaphragm to recover from an illness or surgery to your lungs or respiratory system.
  • Perform breathing tests to diagnose pulmonary (lung and respiratory system) diseases.
  • Monitor and manage patients who are on ventilatory support machines.

At Canning Thoracic Institute, we strive to offer world-class respiratory therapy:

  • Our team will help you learn about using equipment and medications you may need at home.
  • We are a comprehensive team of specialists and provide care in many different settings, such as hospitals, labs and outpatient clinics.
  • All of our respiratory therapists participate in continuing education to help ensure they provide excellent care.
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    Respiratory Failure

    Northwestern Medicine pulmonary specialists combine leading clinical practice with groundbreaking research to diagnose and treat respiratory failure.