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Group Activities

Aphasia Center Page-Above Group ActivitiesTo improve language and communication skills, the Aphasia Center offers sessions (each session lasts 8 weeks) that include various group activities. There is a registration fee for group membership for these sessions.

The groups offered by the center include the following:

  • Math Group focuses on improving language and numerical reasoning skills through time and money management activities.
  • Game Group uses interactive games to help develop communication, problem-solving and social skills.
  • Technology Group focuses on improving verbal expression, comprehension, functional reading skills, as well as technology skills and knowledge.
  • Conversation Group aims to improve communication and social interactions. Conversation is facilitated by a speech-language pathologist via different communication methods to ensure all attendees’ needs are met.
  • Writing Group focuses on developing writing skills as appropriate for each person.
  • Book Club offers opportunities to improve reading, writing and verbal expression through interactive book discussion.
  • Music Group aims to enhance conversational skills and group discussions based on conversation related to musical themes and genres, such as country, jazz and others.

Virtual groups and individual sessions are also available. Virtual sessions are scheduled week-to-week. You can join a virtual session at any time.

Schedules and Membership Fees

Each 8-week group session includes 3 hours of group time once a week. Different scheduling options are available.

Aphasia Center group membership fees are not covered by insurance. The membership fee includes all materials, except for the book needed for Book Club. Scholarship options are available, based on your financial needs.

Please call 630.909.8562 for scheduling options and to learn more about membership fees.

One-on-One Sessions

One-on-one sessions are available for an additional fee. You may also choose to be included in aphasia research studies coordinated by Marianjoy clinicians.

Contact the Aphasia Center

To register for the Aphasia Center or if you have questions, please contact Michelle Armour, MS, CCC-SLP, at 630.909.8562 or

Meet the Aphasia Center Founder

Aphasia Center Page-Meet the FounderMichelle Armour is a speech-language pathologist, program lead clinician, and founder of the Aphasia Center. She specializes in stroke rehabilitation, and her specific area of interest is aphasia. Michelle is on the Board of Directors for Aphasia Access and served for 4 years as co-chair on the Aphasia and Other Communication Disorders Task Force through the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine. In addition to her work at Marianjoy, Armour has also served as an adjunct professor teaching about aphasia at Midwestern University.


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