Meet the Transitional Care Team

The Northwestern Medicine Transitional Care team has expertise in assessing whole person medical and psychosocial needs and addressing them concurrently with onsite multidisciplinary resources to improve a patient’s independence and overall health.

Angela Rogers, APN, CNP

Angela Rogers, APN, CNP

Primary Specialty: Internal Medicine
Caroline Teter, PA-C

Caroline Teter, PA-C

Primary Specialty: Internal Medicine

In addition to physicians, the Transitional Care team includes psychiatrists, social workers, health advocates, and pharmacists who help identify and address patients' needs to provide holistic care.

  • Adrian A., Health Advocate
  • Sarah B., LCSW
  • Mindy C., Health Advocate
  • Will Cronenwett, MD
  • Dixy F., MA
  • Brooke M., LCSW
  • Megan M., LCSW
  • Rita M., RN
  • Karleen R, PharmD
  • Jeffrey Rado, MD, MPH
  • Regina S., Health Advocate

Equally important to the above care team is the Transitional Care management team, consisting of an operations coordinator, a clinical manager, and a director. The management team provides support and leadership around the development and growth of Transitional Care.

  • McKay B., Director
  • Nanette B., Clinical Manager
  • Debbie M., Operations Coordinator